Crisis management training

The emergency plan and procedures are on paper. But is your organization really ready for any eventuality? Exercises and simulations will ensure that the crisis management team is prepared, and actually knows what to do.

For whom: All members of crisis management teams within NGOs, companies and government institutions.

Apply now: These trainings can be held in-company on your own preferred dates. Please contact us to find out more.

Objective: Gaining insight into existing crisis protocols

  • Obtaining clarity about roles and responsibilities
  • Making physical and logistical improvements with the crisis team
  • Learning to deal with tension and applying structure to complex circumstances
  • Formulating lessons learned and integrating them into the procedures.

Duration:  half or whole day, depending on the wishes

Approach:  After a theory lesson upfront, the team will be trained in a case study based on real events. For the simulation, Expat Preventive will develop a script that suits the specific work environment of your working practice. Training actors confront the crisis team with several possible responses, for example of media, family, government and hostages. Participants of the crisis team will be able to test different ways of dealing with the situation. Afterwards we will evaluate together and adjust procedures if necessary.

About the trainers: A security consultant facilitates the simulation. He or she will also be involved in the further development of your safety and security policy. In addition, a professional crisis responder will guide the crisis team.

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