Crisis management for HR and family support (1 day)

If one of your staff members is involved in a critical incident abroad, this also affects their family. Providing the right family support can be vital in the resolution of a crisis. Expat Preventive offers support.

How to establish a relationship of trust with families early on? What support can you offer a family? How to prepare them for media attention? What practical issues can you prepare in case a crisis occurs? This and more will be discussed during the training Family Handling. Submit for this training

For whom:
HR and HSEQ staff and selected members of staff responsible for supporting the family and friends of staff who are in crisis.

Duration of the training:
1 day.

Objective of the training:
The training aims to understand what family support means and how this is crucial to the successful management of the crisis.

  • Understand basic principles of family support
  • Adequate response to a crisis situation as an organization
  • Knowledge and understanding of generic crisis management plans and how these can be applied in your organization
  • Increase of self-confidence and morale of staff by proper preparation

Content of the training:

  • Crisis preparation and planning: Participants learn how to draft a crisis management plan. How can your organisation prepare for an emergency situation? What role does your HR department play in supporting relatives? How do you select staff who are capable enough of supporting family members? You also learn the importance of good documentation as a successful tool in crisis management. You will learn what an exit strategy entails and at what point this is applicable.
  • Assistance to family members: You will learn which practical assistance is available for relatives of your staff. Which psychosocial interventions are available when dealing with people in shock or in crisis? We will focus on the role of Consular’s in various countries and in which ways they can support relatives. We will also discuss which support is necassary and available for yourself and for your organisation. By discussing different scenarios, you will become aware which assistance is needed as to when and who.
  • Communication: How should relatives of your staff deal with media attention in the event of a crisis? And how does your organisation gain the trust and confidence of family members at an early stage? We will also discuss appropriate and inappropriate reactions.

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