Resilience drives performance

Employees and organizations around the world can rely on our expertise in risk and resilience. We are always aware of what is happening in the world and of the latest trends in risk management, training, security and safety. We work sustainably and our goal is to always guarantee the continuity of our customers' organization.
We focus on opportunities. Organizations must be able to travel and work all over the world to realize projects, dreams, goals, ambitions and aspirations. Forth Global enables the ambition of the organization by making it resilient. We offer solutions based on proportionality, robustness and ownership. We always make the human and organization interests our first priority. We strongly believe that resilience drives the performance of your organization.

Our total solution exists of four elements: Assistance, Risk Advisory, Travel Risk Platform and Training. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

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  • Tip 1
    Report incidents to improve

    Incidents reporting helps us and the organization to prevent something from happening again. Implement a tool for incident reporting and make sure staff is briefed in case of.

  • Tip 2
    Update and test your crisis plan

    Make sure that your crisis plan and infrastructure are regularly tested and updated, as well as the composure of the Crisis Management Team. Make sure everybody knows his role and is trained.

  • Tip 3
    Brief your travelers

    In order to fulfill your duty of care obligations make sure every traveler or expat is briefed about the destination. This can be done face-to-face or use our travel app.

  • Tip 4
    Signs 'Beware or pickpockets' are dangerous

    Do you see a sign or here a call that you need to watch out for pickpockets? Please do not check your belongings. By putting your hand on your
    valuables, pocket rollers know where to look.

  • Tip 5
    Check if the hotel safe has a reset code

    Often a safe has a reset code like 00000 to open the vault. Then it's not a very safe place to keep valuables.

  • Tip 6
    Do not share airplane tickets on social media

    Airplane tickets have a bar code. Hackers can obtain all your personal information through the bar code in the picture. They could even cancel your flight.

  • Tip 7
    Cross out your social security number on passport copies

    When a hotel makes a copy of your passport, put a big cross on it and score out the social security number. People with malicious intent could sign up for all kinds of subscriptions in your name with the copy and social security number.

  • Tip 8
    Register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Enter your details just once in the free crisis registration system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In case of emergency, the Embassy or consulate will be able to reach you.

  • Tip 9
    Send a picture of taxi and driver to a colleague

    Taking a taxi on your own? Take a picture of the license plate and the driver and send it - with reference to your location - to a colleague. Make sure the driver sees you do this.

  • Tip 10
    Leave expensive jewelry at home

    Wear cheap sunglasses, a plastic watch and preferably use a cheap Nokia phone. Are you travelling alone? Consider wearing a (cheap) wedding ring.

  • Tip 11
    Consider flying instead of driving

    Do you have to cross long distances? Often, flying is safer than driving. In many countries there are domestic flights. Check with your safety advisor which airlines are reliable.

  • Tip 12
    Wear culturally appropriate clothing

    Be conservative. Even when you are warm and uncomfortable. The right clothing ensures respect. Moreover, you will not stand out as much. In many countries, this means: cover your shoulders, legs and sometimes also your arms. And don’t wear tight clothing.

  • Tip 13
    Always lock your hotel room door

    Only accept a room that you can lock from the inside. Use a door stop or place a heavy piece of furniture behind your door. Also lock your room when you leave it, even if only for a brief moment.

  • Tip 14
    Carry the number of a safety advisor

    Do you not have a regular safety advisor, or are you travelling individually? Make sure you carry the number of an external expert. In the event of a crisis, you will want to call somebody who acts quickly and professionally. Somebody with expertise, who is not emotionally involved.

  • Tip 15
    Check the main contractor

    If your organization is working as a subcontractor make sure you have seen the security protocol of the main contractor and define a MoU to confirm agreements, roles and responsibilities. No surprises in case of!

  • Tip 16
    Do not call in a crowd

    In crowds, it's easier to rob your phone. Groups of criminals are very skilled, you won't notice before it's too late.

  • Tip 17
    Check if stamp of entry is required

    Check before you leave whether a stamp of entry is required at your destination. If so, make sure you get it. Otherwise you may be fined.

  • Tip 18
    Do not allow vaccination abroad

    Be sure to know in advance which vaccinations are required in the country you travel to. If you are forced to vaccinate or pay a fine at the border, contact your insurance company or the Dutch embassy.

"Expat Preventive uses my personal experiences to make me understand and learn."
Kim Hartog, senior advisor Warchild
The most up-to-date anti-terrorism expertise
"Be prepared. Terrorism is not something that just happens to you."
The most up-to-date anti-terrorism expertise
Yannick Tarres, security consultant for Expat Preventive
"Working in Mali is very well possible"
Yannick Tarres, security consultant for Expat Preventive
Staff of ZOA
"For me, the training was an eye-opener."
Staff of ZOA
Henrieke Hommes, safety advisor of ZOA
"Good security policy contributes to lifesaving emergency aid"
Henrieke Hommes, safety advisor of ZOA
Tim Thijssen,  financial advisor of Warchild
"No matter how dire a situation seems, you always have an influence. "
Tim Thijssen, financial advisor of Warchild
Kim Hartog, senior advisor Warchild
"Expat Preventive uses my personal experiences to make me understand and learn."
Kim Hartog, senior advisor Warchild

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