"Be prepared. Terrorism is not something that just happens to you."
The most up-to-date anti-terrorism expertise
"The family liaison officer is key to solving a crisis"
Crisis responder Jacob van ’t Slot of Expat Preventive
"Working in Mali is very well possible"
Yannick Tarres, security consultant for Expat Preventive
"Risks remain. But I can advise the company how to carry on their operations in the safest way possible."
Ton Koenen, Safety consultant Expat Preventive
"For me, the training was an eye-opener."
Staff of ZOA
"Good security policy contributes to lifesaving emergency aid"
Henrieke Hommes, safety advisor of ZOA
"I am going to Ethiopia to improve safety and security for the staff of one of our clients."
William van Heerden, safety consultant Expat Preventive
"Good security training prevents incidents"
Jelske Bragt, travelsafety-advisor Rabobank
"No matter how dire a situation seems, you always have an influence. "
Tim Thijssen, financial advisor of Warchild
"Expat Preventive uses my personal experiences to make me understand and learn."
Kim Hartog, senior advisor Warchild
We find ways