Safe business travel increasingly important for employers

Employers increasingly attach importance to safety and security during business travel for their regular employees, but also for their interns, consultants and other staff they employ. As legislation surrounding Duty of Care is continually tightened, providers of travel safety management respond to this trend.

Employers’ need for a better security policy is a logical consequence of an increasingly complex world. “Business travelers have to deal with all kinds of safety and health risks. Companies want to prepare their employees as well as possible and support them when it comes to safe and healthy travel and work abroad”, says Lex Mentink, Managing Director at Eurocross Assistance.

Attention to safe travel is in the best interest of both the employee and the employer, Mentink states: “When people feel confident going on their mission, they not only feel better, but also perform better.”

To cater to the growing demand for an comprehensive product in the field of safe and healthy travel and work abroad, Eurocross recently entered into a partnership with three specialist parties: Expat Preventive, IVP (the Institute for Psychotrauma) and Travel Clinic Havenziekenhuis. Together, they offer the Travel Risk Solutions product, with which travelers can get continuous support before, during and after their trip.

By calling one emergency number, an employee will have 24/7 access to the Eurocross alarm center for questions or for medical and psychosocial (emergency) assistance or advice, among others. In addition, the employer can reduce safety and health risks as much as possible by means of good preparation, including security training and a medical check-up.

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