Hostage survival training (2 days)

What to do when you are victim of abduction? What attitude do you choose? How do you maximize your mental and physical health?

For whom: Business travelers, humanitarian workers and development workers who travel in high-risk areas. To follow this training, you need to have followed a safety and security training before.

Interested: Please contact us.

Doel: Na de training hebt u inzicht in verschillende soorten ontvoeringen en dader motieven. U kent de verschillende stadia van ontvoering en weet met welk gedrag u agressie en risico’s kunt verlagen. U leert omgaan met stress, hoe u mentaal gezond blijft en hoe u kunt omgaan met (seksueel) geweld. Tijdens de training krijgt u theorie en worden vaardigheden geoefend aan de hand van simulaties.

Duration: 2 days, including overnight stay.


After the training, you will have gained insight into the various types of abductions and perpetrator motives. You know the different stages of abduction and know how to decrease aggression and risks by your behavior. You will learn to cope with stress, how to maximize your mental health and how to deal with (sexual) violence. During the training you will learn the theory and practice skills in simulations.


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