Crisis Management for media officers

Dealing with the media during a crisis is a discipline in its own right. The press and social media users demand answers: answers that you often just don’t have (as yet). How do you as media or communication officer deal with this? How do you make sure your efforts support the Crisis Management team of your organization?

Our training Crisis Management for media officers reveals the most important strategies and offers hand on tools and practices to help you communicate.

For whom?

For communication officers, press officers and/or spokespersons of international businesses, institutions and NGOs. This training is highly recommended when you are member of the Crisis Management team, or part of the support group dealing with communications.

Duration of the training:

1 day

What will you be doing during this day?

Our training offers you the necessary basics of Crisis Management and specifically prepares you for every conceivable media presentation in a crisis situation. You will learn how to communicate effectively in an international crisis and how to create and execute strategic communication to ensure that public perception matches reality. You will be using scenarios from your own daily practice. Among other things you will practice formulating powerful, convincing messages that convey the essence of the matter. Also during the course you will be filmed and interviewed several times, after which you will be given extensive feedback.

Our approach

Our starting premise is to stay true to yourself and stick to the truth. In dealing with media, instead of teaching tips and tricks, we rather work with insights. This makes sure you understand the underlying principles of how your message is conceived and what the media agendas are. So you are able to develop the necessary skills to make sure you are well prepared to deal with a crisis.

Training results at the end of the day:

At the end of the day you will:

  • Understand the basics of Crisis Management and your role as media officer in the Crisis Management team
  • Know how to formulate and execute a media strategy in order to contribute effectively to the Crisis Management team
  • Be prepared to formulate powerful and convincing messages
  • Have basic knowledge of dealing with social media
  • Understand the agenda of journalists
  • Know how to prepare spokespersons, and to give media interviews yourself

About the trainers

The training will be facilitated by a senior security advisor and strategic communication specialist of Expat Preventive. In addition, highly experienced and award winning journalist Peter Tetteroo provides extensive and media expertise. The training takes place in a confidential setting where participants can practice openly.

More about Peter Tetteroo

Peter Tetteroo travels around the world for more than 20 year, for Dutch and international broadcasters. He won several awards, among which an Emmy Award with a documentary about North Korea. He worked for Dutch broadcaster KRO for twenty years before starting his own company in 2006. He directs television reports and documentaries, as well as presentations for commercial enterprises. He regularly gives media and communication training for politicians, CEO’s and media officers connected to the security and NGO sector.

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